Collection: Hygieia | Fall/Winter 2023

The Hygieia Collection, where scented scarves and surrealism intertwine to evoke a multisensory experience. Inspired by the Greek goddess of health and cleanliness, each scarf is a masterpiece that encapsulates various mental states through the lens of surrealism.

 The Hygieia Collection boasts scarves crafted with the utmost attention to detail and luxurious materials, offering a sumptuous touch that elevates your senses. Embrace the enchanting fragrances intricately woven into the fabric, unveiling a symphony of scents that mirror specific mental states. Berry and sandalwood blend to create a tranquil oasis, while musk and amber ignite passions deep within. Citrus and nature invigorate your spirit, propelling you towards your ambitions.

 These scarves become portals to your innermost thoughts and emotions. Surrealistic motifs dance across their surface, beckoning you to explore the realms of the subconscious. Lose yourself in the twisted forms, floating objects, and dreamlike imagery that adorn each piece. They embody the enigmatic landscapes of the human mind, stimulating wonder and contemplation.

 The Hygieia Collection invites you to embrace your unique journey, celebrating the complexities of the human experience. Wear these scarves as symbols of self-expression, as you traverse the realms of surrealism and scent. Immerse yourself in a world where fragrance meets fashion, where artistry meets emotion, and where Freeque redefines the boundaries of style and sensory exploration.